We Are all Temporary

We Are all Temporary
So Behave.

To Dry For

Hot off the press are these tidy little T towels designed by Ben Javens and available to buy from the To Dry For website.

Storm in a tea cup

Regular Outcrowder Chris Bourke has a show on at Studio4 Gallery, a great selection of new lino prints. It's on till the end of May so do try to check it out if you're in the Brum area.

Not My Type

This is not an Outcrowd Exhibition but was put together by regular contributor Jonny and his lovely Lady and features a plethora of Outcrowders, fun little show. An Out of Character Experiment; a typographical exploration. Talk of touring it so keep your eye out at a gallery near you!

Joyfully Bewildered

Well it was a fun hectic show and alas now all over, finished off in Falmouth the beginning of the year, hope you got to see it. Here is a silly little film of it in Here and Now, the last stop on the tour.

Happy new year

Happy new year to you all from the Outcrowd x

online press

Was looking up some info for an exhibition proposal and found these related pieces to things we've been up to, here's some links, ooh check us out..

SUPERSONIC FESTIVAL 2009 - Outcrowd Shed

This year for Super Sonic Festival we created our own little backyard world in which to immerse yourself amongst our wooden whittled curiosities and delights as the strange, heavy aural offerings of the festival tickled your lobes. Thanks to Waste and Zombie for getting involved too. Here's the high brow blurb:

" The Outcrowd are a group of like-minded image-makers. There work can be seen as an expression of these artists compulsion to create. Fundamentally, the artists all share an essential motivation to explore the possibilities of enhancing everyday life by making magic from the mundane. There work utilises modest and direct means including works in pencil, paint and ink along with photographic works, which record and celebrate everyday happenstances.

Specifically, what comes to the fore are common concerns and a positive interest with dipping into the past and championing seemingly long-forgotten notions such as thriftiness and a delight in the ordinary everyday detritus of life.

This year their process is applied to exhibiting in sheds, modifying and re-claiming these gentle relics over the duration of the festival. Come join them as they attempt to cheekily subvert the traditional gallery setting

London 2012 Olympics / Coca-Cola Custom Board Presentation

Recently Log, Simon Peplow And Vaughan Baker from the Outcrowd were commissioned to do a series of hand customized rods for the 2012 London Olympics / Coke. The brief was initiated by Egg Strategy, based in Boulder, Colorado, and involved an ambitious customisation of 23 decks in 24 hours for the Coca Cola and Olympics 2012 Activation board. We were hand picked for the project by Dan Magee of bluepint skateboards who project managed the brief. We were also joined by the talented Arran Gregory. Day one involved a welcome pampering at the Mother Marketing Agency in East London, doodling away through thunder storms into the early hours of friday! Day two and a slightly jaded presentation ensued at Coca-Colas head office in Hammersmith. All visuals courtesy of Dan Magee's third eye.

Joyfully Bewildered in Brizzle

Here's a few Pics from the Joyful Bewilderment At Here Gallery in Bristol. It's on till August, go check it out. You don't have to queue for two hours like Banksy.

TJB Exhibition at HERE Gallery / Bristol / UK

Come one and all, it appears to be that time again. show will have squatters rights next month, taking over the walls of the delightfulin Bristol. Hope to see you there.

Preview: Tuesday 7th July, 7.00 - 9.00pm
Duration: Wednesday 8th July - Saturday 8th August 2009

Admission FREE

Opening times:
Tues - fri / 10.30am - 6.30pm
Sat / 10.30am - 5.30pm
Sun - Mon / Closed

HERE Gallery
108 Stokes Croft